The Movie Database That Fits You to a Tee

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Hundreds of movies in your precious movie collection are so messy and absolutely mixed up that even a thought of organizing them drives you crazy... Well, it's understandable, because doing that work manually is like flogging a dead horse - it's going to be a waste of both time and efforts. It would be nice to do this automatically using modern and powerful organizing software. According to the happy users all over the world, All My Movies is hands down the best movie database you've seen so far.

It's not only an efficient movie manager, but the program specially tailored for you in accordance with your private wants and needs. It does takes into account personal interests of yours - read on, you'll see that for yourself.

This movie database is really personal. You can choose skins, templates, visual mode to your liking. You're welcome to filter your collection by any criterion, including genres, original titles, studio, directors, or even a concrete actor. So, in a couple of clicks you can clearly see how many and which movies directed by say James Cameron you possess in collection.

Movie Database - Main window screenshot Movie Database - virtual shelf view Movie Database - Thumbnails view

If you don't want anyone to enter your movie database in your absence you can set a password and thereby secure your database. It's especially convenient for parents of small, but curious 'what-to-know-all' children :)

A movie card in this movie database contains much information in different fields. If you'd like to add some extra details, there's an opportunity to add as many custom fields as you like.

The program can masterly interact with other applications. Great export and import options available are what many users appreciate best of all. You can import your movie database in Excel or txt-format to All My Movies or vice versa export your own database to HTML, pdf, CHM, Excel, image and place it on your Internet site for everybody to see it. You can even export your database to your mobile device and the list of movies will always be at hand whenever you go to movie shop or rentals.

You can share your movie collection with friends as well and send it by e-mail. At that you can select which info to include into the file being sent.

In the movie database there is also an option to print movie cards and whole movie collections. You can also make your own DVD covers or create an album of brief movie cards. Again only you decide, whether to include there covers, actors, directors or anything else or not.

So, you see that All My Movies is not just a powerful movie database, it's your personal assistant, ready to help any moment and being able to adjust to your needs and demands immediately. Isn't it what you've been looking for so long? :)